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Trysil Linear Rib Elements

– Prefabricated Linear Rib Elements Makes the Job Easier and Quicker

In recent years Trysil Interiørtre AS has developed a simple, flexible and cost-effective system for prefabrication of linear rib elements for walls and ceilings. Linear rib elements are mainly used in public buildings, but in recent years it has become more common to use in both private houses and cabins as well. By using linear rib elements you can create different visual expressions in walls and ceilings.

In addition to a modern expression, linear rib elements will also be able to provide good sound reduction, and the choice of slot opening between the linear rib elements will determine the noise-reducing effect. We can deliver our elements with an acoustic cloth mounted behind the rib elements.

By using the correct type of surface treatment, the elements adhere to the requirements of the classification K210 Bs1,d0 in NS-EN 1301-1.

We do not operate with any “standard” dimension, and there are several options to take into account. We give you the choice to vary the core, colours, dimensions and surface treatment. We deliver most types of wood, and the linear rib elements can be delivered clear, stained, oiled or painted. We merely prefabricate what the architect has specified, and wish to give you the opportunity to put your own personal touch on the products.

Product Documentation – SPFR 020-0226
Disclosure Classification for Building Materials
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