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60 Years’ Experience – Now with a New Outlook and a Modern Mindset

Trysil Interiørtre AS’s history started more than 60 years ago, when our chipboard factory was established in 1957. Gradually the company developed an expertise in fining of plate materials, and produced, among others, the “Trysilpanel” – a well-known product until the early 90’s.

Eldre bilde av Trysil InteriørtreNew owners acquired the company in 2018; the industrial company VYRK from Valdres. Through this acquisition Trysil Interiørtre AS has been infused with ideas, economy and expertise.

By combining our long experience with a new mindset, necessary upgrades and an even greater focus on delivering products the market wants, we are one of the leading companies in the field of linear rib elements and veneered plate materials.

High quality and old traditions in a joyous interaction with a modern and an open-minded design profile.

For inspiration, feel free to look at some of our reference projects.