Documentation for Trysil Interiørtre’s products


FDV-documentation (Management, operation and maintenance)
FDV is a collective term for activities and costs (FDV-costs) throughout the buildings total lifetime, from takeover after new construction/rehabilitation to demolition/decontamination. 

HMF-documentation (health-, environmental- and safety factsheet)
HMF is used on products that do not fall under the legislation for safety data sheets.

Performance declaration
Performance declarations provide information about the construction product and the manufacturer of the construction product. Where there is a harmonized product standard, the manufacturer shall prepare a performance statement. The performance statement is the foundation for mandatory CE marking. 

Trysil Interiørtre’s wooden products satisifies the minimum requirements for environmental toxants in Breeam-Nor’s A 20 checklist. In Breeam wood is required to come from a legal source and not be on a CITES-list. CITES (convension on international trade in endangered and vulnerable species) list I and list II contains species that are completely protected.