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Norwegian, eco-friendly wood in innovative, modern designs

We adhere to all fire and acoustics requirements

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Veneered Plates

Trysil Interiørtre AS is a leading company in the field of veneered plates, while also being a subcontractor of a variety of components and finished goods in the furnishings industry.

We combine the wood’s characteristics with the functional; chipboard (shavings), fiberboard, MDF or gypsum wood chipboard finely treated with precious wood.

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Linear Rib Elements

In recent years Trysil Interiørtre AS has developed a simple, flexible and cost-effective system for prefabrication of linear rib elements for walls and ceilings.

Through correct surface treatment, the rib elements adhere to the requirements of K210 Bs1,d0 of the NS-EN 13501-1.

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